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operationalize and manage data protection

How can we implement the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation in the company more easily and more controllably? How can data governance actively contribute to compliance with GDPR requirements? Which rules, tools and technologies support the visibility and traceability of personal data in operations?

What makes this seminar special?

In a pleasant, open atmosphere, you will learn the basics of the GDPR and what implications this has on operational data management and data governance. You will learn which Data Management disciplines can contribute to the GDPR compliance. This will give you a better picture of how “data privacy by design” can be implemented in concrete terms. Furthermore, we will address the mutual relationship between data protection, information security, other legal requirements, risk management and their interaction with professional data governance.

You will have the chance to bring your own situation into the discussion as a case study and learn valuable design tools for data governance initiatives. 

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Basics GDPR

Effects on internal company data operations

Data protection “by design”

The future of data protection

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