CDXP Certification

All you need to know to get a comprehensive and effective preparation for the new CDXP certification in Data Excellence.

Understand, operationalize and manage data protection (GDPR)

How can we implement the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation in the company more easily and more controllably? How can data governance actively contribute to compliance with GDPR requirements? Which rules, tools and technologies support the visibility and traceability of personal data in operations?

Data Architecture & Design Modeling

What is a data architecture and how can it provide more order and control over data in the company as well as be actively included in business and strategic planning?

Data License Management

You buy identical data several times, even those that are available for free, and then you don’t know who uses these data companies for what purpose and who holds the contract? Time to think about data license management.

Data Monetization. Forms, Strategies and Legal Options

Learn more about the possibilities of economic exploitation of data as a property right. A 360 degree look at data ownership rights, valuation, forms of exploitation, licensing, as well as possibilities of accounting for data and consequences in international business & tax law.

Data Quality Management

What is data quality management and how can it be set up, introduced and controlled in a company? Learn the basics and key steps required to plan and implement data quality initiatives.

Data Governance Bootcamp

Free webinars Seminars and workshops Flexible options School Contact us Data Governance Bootcamp Topic: Data Governance Next seminars TBA Learn how to participate Share this page with friends and colleagues Home / Seminars and workshops / Data Governcance / Data Governance Bootcamp                             Data Governance Bootcamp What is data governance, and how can it be […]

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